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Jul 30, 2018

We manage to give you a recap this week's Oklahoma political news while also being distracted by Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and easily accessible barrier protection. 

Jul 20, 2018

We discuss the bizarre things that happened this week in Oklahoma's medical marijuana saga, and then we speak with State Auditor Gary Jones to learn about the role of that position in our state government. 

Jul 14, 2018

Ep 43: "A doctor, a lawyer, and a therapist walk into a bar." Scott (a doctor) and Andy (a therapist) have an unusually candid discussion about SQ788 (medical marijuana), ridiculous voter outrage, and how the issue is playing out in Oklahoma. The lawyer couldn't make it. Also a very brief "Pruitt Watch."

Jul 6, 2018

We recap the primary election and discuss the crazy high number of run-off elections, plus the final DC edition of "Pruitt Watch" and phone calls with Democratic nominee for Governor, Drew Edmondson, and Election Board PIO, Bryan Dean.