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Jun 27, 2018

Recorded live at Oak & Ore, we visit voters & candidates to get their experience and response to the elections. Featuring Kayla & Anna from Localities OKC, Amy Curran & crew from Generation Citizen, Brett Dickerson from OKC Free Press, JoBeth Hamon, Bo Broadwater from The Journal Record, Sheri Guyse from Big Bravely,...

Jun 21, 2018

We test out some new audio gear and help explain some of the nuances of SQ788 with a quick fact-check of some of the most notable claims about the proposed law and medical marijuana itself. 

Jun 17, 2018

Andy & Scott are joined by attorney (and LFT board president) Nichole Moisant Gillett and wine guru Clayton Bahr to help explain the judicial positions that are up for election this month and what wines pair best with politics. (Bonus: all of our spouses / significant others are also present and occasionally chime in.)

Jun 11, 2018

Andy and Scott are joined by Tres Savage from NonDoc to recap the debate we held this week between Republican candidates for Labor Commissioner. 

Jun 1, 2018

Andy and Scott are back from vacation! We take a quick look back at the 56th Oklahoma Legislature, discuss Governor Fallin's surprising vetoes of several bills, and give an update on the OSDH debacle. Then we lay out the plan ahead as we move into election season and head toward the 57th Legislature.